Safer Spaces to Move is supported by some key partners across various projects. Have a read of these helpful guides below and check back regularly to access more resources designed to support you on your journey to creating Safer Spaces to Move within the sector.  

How to improve your services for women and girls:

As told by the 51%

This document offers tangible solutions to support the fitness and leisure sector in engaging the audience of women and girls, with the guidance’s title reflecting the fact that women make up over half of the population.

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How to make your spaces safer for women:

A call to action form the 51%

Further research to gain an even deeper understanding of women’s experiences in fitness and leisure settings, and what actions they want the sector to take to make them feel safer. The key findings of this research are included in this new guidance along with recommendations on how to create a safe environment for women.

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What else are we doing?

Introducing ‘Ask for Angela’ into the sector

ukactive, This Girl Can, Safer Business Network, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Mayor of London have joined forces to launch a pilot of the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign across 11 fitness and leisure centres in south west London. 

Lampton Leisure and Anytime Fitness are leading the way by signing up some of their sites for an eight-week pilot of the nationally-recognised safety campaign, which has previously demonstrated success in the hospitality sector. 

Originally designed for licensed venues, ‘Ask for Angela’ allows people who feel like they are in an unsafe situation to ask staff for help by discreetly using the code word “Angela”.   

The ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign aims to help promote safety and wellbeing for anyone who feels vulnerable or who finds themself in an uncomfortable position, and the organisations behind it want to explore its use in other public settings, starting with the fitness and leisure sector. 

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