This Girl Can and ukactive have joined forces to work on behalf of the sector to better understand the barriers which women and girls face in taking part in physical activity in this setting, and to translate these findings into actionable advice that the sector can use to attract more women and girls into their facilities. 

How to improve your services for women and girls:
As told by the 51%

This document offers tangible solutions to support the fitness and leisure sector in engaging the audience of women and girls, with the guidance’s title reflecting the fact that women make up over half of the population.

If fitness and leisure centres can help to reduce some of the barriers which women and girls face in taking part in physical activity by implementing some of these key recommendations, they can increase the available commercial opportunity to increase membership figures and improve retention rates through this audience.

How to make your spaces safer for women:
A call to action from the 51%

The issue of how to tackle safety concerns has been raised as an on-going area where additional support from both ukactive and This Girl Can would be valued. As a result of this feedback, further research was commissioned by ukactive and This Girl Can in December 2022 to gain an even deeper understanding of women’s experiences in fitness and leisure settings, and what actions they want the sector to take to make them feel safer. The key findings of this research are included in this new guidance along with recommendations on how to create a safe environment for women.

By taking concrete steps to address sexual harassment and intimidation, you can create a space that’s inclusive, welcoming, safe and empowering for all